Benefits of regularly servicing your machinery

Most businesses underestimate the importance of servicing and maintaining their machinery. “Why get it serviced if there is nothing wrong with it?”

Construction equipment is an investment for your business; downtime due to machinery can take a toll on the bottom line of your business.

All servicing should be done by skilled mechanics or technicians that are qualified to work on an extensive range of construction machinery, from scissor lifts to earthmoving machinery. National Services performs servicing on forklifts, and scissor lifts all around Melbourne. We are regularly in Derimutt, Pakenham, Dandenong and the Western Suburbs.

Investing in regular servicing can provide many benefits:

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Safety first

Keeping your worksite safe and secure should be a high priority.

Servicing and maintenance are vital to ensuring the safety of yourself, the operators, and everyone at your worksite. Much of the machinery used on the worksite is generally used to conduct or assist with heavy lifting, elevated lifting, or intricate moving in dangerous or hard-to-reach spaces. The instances of workplace accidents or injury are increased when the machinery stops working in the way it was intended, especially in the middle of a job.

Regularly servicing all machinery considerably reduces the safety risks within your workplace.

Consistent maintenance saves you money & time

We all know that minor problems that are ignored will turn into more significant problems. Machinery is no different! Our experience shows that there is ALWAYS more cost and damage to the machine when regular planned maintenance work is not conducted.

These headaches to your business can be avoided easily by scheduling planned maintenance work to be done regularly. You will then see the minor issues fixed before they become big, expensive irreparable problems and save you a lot of money & time in the long run.

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Increased productivity & no machine breakdowns

Sticking to a regular maintenance plan increases the reliability of your machinery, with no expensive machine breakdowns to worry about. A machine breakdown can cost a business a large amount of money not only for repairs but man-hours wasted and potential profits.

Preventative equipment maintenance is the key to increasing productivity.

Maintain or boost your resale value

The construction equipment market size in Australia continues to grow, and the infrastructure programs in Australia led primarily by the government will increase the opportunity for the construction equipment market. More and more construction equipment such as earthmoving, road construction & material handling will be used for these projects.

Even though maintaining your machinery does extend the life of your machine, the chances are you will be looking in the future to sell or trade-in your equipment to upgrade to a newer style.

The fact that you have maintained your machinery will give you the best chance of retaining its value and getting the best return on your initial investment. Detailed records of heavy equipment maintenance always goes a long way to giving the potential buyer peace of mind and confidence with a quality guarantee.

Experienced and skilled technicians servicing your equipment

The benefit of a planned maintenance schedule for your machinery is that you can ensure your machine is maintained by the right, skilled, and highly experienced technicians. Engaging the right technicians & company that knows the machinery will help to avoid damage, overcharging, and ongoing reliability.

Start experiencing these benefits today!

At National Forklift & Access Solutions, we have become a respected industry leader in mechanical repairs & servicing, offering the complete package to our Australia-wide customers with a vast network of service centres and a mobile service fleet.

We have two priorities, quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. These two priorities mean we care about what we do and our customers. So, whether you have a forklift that needs a service or a boom lift that needs repairs, we guarantee to deliver on our two priorities.

We offer a complete range of forklift and access equipment servicing and repairs. We can service forklifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, vertical lifts, telehandlers, tractors, and more. We pride ourselves on delivering the best service at competitive prices.

What are you waiting for? Make a service enquiry today…..